The Anker Consulting Group is in business to help entrepreneurs capitalize on opportunities and abilities, regardless of size. The Anker Consulting Group can act as a guide in otherwise uncharted waters.

The Anker Consulting Group will bolster the energy and the commitment of founding entrepreneurs as they work through business transitions. These transitions could include growth challenges, acquisition/divestiture, senior management changes, and more.

Capital & Management: The Anker Consulting Group has participated in the formation of many companies in various sectors for over 20 years. All types of companies can face significant barriers, financial or otherwise. Generally preferring stock participation to fees, The Anker Consulting Group works with entrepreneurs to improve their balance sheet, often directly investing, and then remains actively involved in the direction and oversight of the company – especially as an advisor to senior management.

Receivership:  The Anker Consulting Group recognizes that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises embrace risk; and sometimes such risk can lead to a need for reorganization or even liquidation of assets.  Working with banks, law firms and the entrepreneur, The Anker Consulting Group often acts as a Court-appointed receiver in complex cases involving significant business or real estate assets.

Government Efficiency:  The Anker Consulting Group’s work as an advisor to the public sector includes efforts to balance the competing priorities of government-provided services with the constant pressure to contain costs and increase efficiencies.  The Anker Consulting Group works with elected and appointed leaders who choose to innovate in the delivery and management of important services and who seek to improve the stewardship of taxpayer investment, increased speed and expanded access.